Types of Hospitality Jobs

There are various types of hospitality jobs Birmingham available that an individual can be employed to do. Due to the fact that the hospitality industry is very broad, there are also various jobs in the different types of hospitality companies. The different types of jobs in the hospitality industry is discussed below.

Waiters and Waitresses

In Casinos, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and other establishments where food are served, waiters and waitresses are required. They receive the orders of the customers and also accept payment for the orders they have delivered. Job titles related to waiters include food server, food runner, café manager, bartender and back waiter.

Valets and Porters

Valets help customers who come to hotels, casinos and other establishments in the hospitality industry to park their cars. On the other hand, porters help them with carrying their luggage to and from their rooms. Other job titles related to valets and porters include parking lot attendant, bell attendant and baggage porter.


The job of housekeepers in the hospitality industry is to ensure that the place is always clean. In hotels for example, they clean the rooms and bathrooms of the lodgers, make the beds and do laundry among others. Other job titles related to housekeeper include maintenance supervisor, maid and director of operations.

General Manager

The general manager in a hotel is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the hotel. They manage the finances of the hotel, manage the staff and interact with the guests. A general manager in any other establishment in the tourism industry carry out a similar job description. Other related job titles to general manager include spa manager, lodging manager, hotel manager and back office assistant.

Executive Chef

The executive chef supervises employees in the kitchen such as other chefs and cooks. They are responsible for planning and preparing meals. Other job titles related to executive chef include pastry chef, cook and café manager.

Other job titles worth mentioning in the hospitality jobs Birmingham worth mentioning include event planner, meeting coordinator, events manager, hotel clerk, casino host and concierge.